Friday, June 24, 2005

Coming Back?

Suffice it to say that the Republican Party is humiliating itself. It has effectively handed over the Senate to Democrats. Bill Frist's "leadership" on Bolton and judicial nominations has been non-existent. The White House has been AWOL on both issues. Renegade Republicans are running the show to the point that seven Republicans now control the future of judicial nominations, and one member of the caucus has gone so far as to start filibustering Bolton. Now worst of all, there is even chatter of the nomination of Alberto Gonzales to the Supreme Court.

Enough is enough.

Even so, there are a few, very few, reasons for optimism. Rep. Mark Kennedy has spoken out against the capitulation. Pat DeWine has been punished for the sins of his father, showing the Senate that the grassroots are serious about judicial nominations. The President is forcing Bill Frist's hand on Bolton. And, best of all, there is now chatter that the President might actually nominate a conservative to the Supreme Court!

Since Gov. George W. Bush became Presidential candidate George W. Bush, I have mistrusted him. His noticably absence from the judicial confirmation battles, surrender on tax credits for non-public education, his delay on the Iraq war, and support for Arlen Specter and Lincoln Chafee are proving me right. This President is not serious about conservative policies, and too many Party members are following him into the abyss. (Noticable exceptions include Rep. Mark Kennedy, Sen. George Allen, and the brave souls who went all out against Pat DeWine.)


Next week, the rubber meets the road. There will be at least one Supreme Court vacancy and probably at least one replacement named. As with the President's appointment of Ashcroft, who, incidentally, I would love to see nominated to the Supreme Court, I will return and go to bat for the President's nominee if and only if he is a solid, proven conservative with a record. I will not take the administration's word for it. I will not take any Senator's word for it. I want a track record. I want a conservative. I want a Scalia!